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Services and experience

The JSC Center for Competition Policy Development and Protection renders consulting services and makes economic and legal appraisal for a wide range of issues of antitrust legislation, including:

• preparation of conclusions on the existence of antitrust risks and ways to minimize them;

• determination of product and geographical boundaries of the commodity market;

• finding the presence or absence of a dominant position in the commodity market and abuse of the dominant position;

• evaluation of consequences of vertical and horizontal agreements, as well as concerted actions of market players on competition;

• calculation of damage caused by anticompetitive actions, in litigations and commercial disputes;

• analysis of effects of economic concentration on competition and end-users, preparation of petitions for concentration;

• economic justification for tariffs and pricing principles, aligning them in accordance with the requirements of antitrust legislation;

• development and implementation of measures aimed at compliance with the standards of antitrust legislation (antitrust compliance);

• advising on antitrust investigations and on the legality of the requirements of the antitrust body and procedures for their enforcement (instructions, notifications, warnings).